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Welcome to the Companion Website for Cybersecurity Ethics:  An Introduction

This textbook offers an accessible introduction to the topic of cybersecurity ethics.


The book is split into three parts:

  • Part I provides an introduction to the field of ethics, philosophy and philosophy of science, three ethical frameworks – virtue ethics, utilitarian ethics and communitarian ethics – and the notion of ethical hacking.

  • Part II applies these frameworks to particular issues within the field of cybersecurity, including privacy rights, intellectual property and piracy, surveillance, and cyberethics in relation to military affairs.

  • The third part concludes by exploring current codes of ethics used in cybersecurity.

The overall aims of the book are to:

  • provide ethical frameworks to aid decision making;

  • present the key ethical issues in relation to computer security;

  • highlight the connection between values and beliefs and the professional code of ethics.

Click here for Chapter summary, learning objectives, Powerpoints, discussions, and more.

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