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Liberal Internationalism, Cooperation, and Regimes

Chapters 4

Present the three major International relations paradigms: 
realism, Liberal Internationalism and Constructivism


They lay out key concepts and explain
how they relate to events in cyberspace.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this chapter, students will be able to:


  • Define key terms related to the liberal internationalism paradigm, including regime, norm, public good

  • Define Digital Superpower and describe the role of the firm in cyberspace

  • Compare and contrast the Realist view of cyber power with the Liberal Internationalist view of global digital superpowers

  • Articulate criticisms of Liberal Internationalist narrative of internet development

  • Describe challenges to the establishment of regimes in cyberspace

Questions for Discussion

  1. Compare and contrast the pros and cons associated with the use of
    cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, for individual investors, corporations and state actors.

  2. Should states attempt to ‘get on board’ with the rise of cryptocurrencies, or

  3. Should they leave this sector of the economy to develop independently.

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