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Introduction to Cyber Politics and Policy

The textbook begins with a brief overview history of the internet, from its libertarian founding to its more regulated organization today.  It contains a timeline of significant events in that evolution.


The text includes three types of additional materials:

  • Building a Bridge insets are short essays from 500 to 2000 words which attempt to provide a rudimentary background in technology aspects.  They cover basic issues, such as definitions of the various types of cyber weapons currently available, to more complex issues, like introducing quantum computing to a layperson.

  • Critical Issues are an attempt to keep things current in an ever-changing field.  They help to bring contemporary developments, from China’s development of a Digital Silk Road, to Russia’s strategies of information warfare, to life – including both academic background and descriptions of the events themselves.  Several also apply the three international relations paradigms to the issues at hand.

  • For Discussion insets introduce a controversial issue, along with a variety of viewpoints.  Their intent is to provoke a lively discussion in your classroom.

These materials are organized so that they can used in a variety of different sequences.  Each chapter is self-contained, as are the insets. 


Chapters' Learning Objectives and Questions for Discussion



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