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Ethical Hacking


Consider this scenario

Have you ever used a cheat code while playing a video game, online game, or computer game? If you did this, did you think about whether or not you were doing something unethical?  How did using a cheat code affect your experience of playing the game?  And, were you really “cheating” or were you merely doing what many game players before you have done and will continue to do?  And, who is actually hurt by the fact that you used a cheat code? Is anyone hurt?

Discussion Questions for Chapter Three:

Applications: Ethics of Ransomware

January 02, 2023

  1. Which approach do you find more compelling – the ethic of care or Singer’s argument about not rescuing individuals?

  2. If you were asked as a programmer to assist in paying a ransom, would you have any moral qualms about doing so?Why or why not?

​Questions for Chapter Three:

Applications: The Ethics of Sharing Passwords

March 30, 2017

  1. What terms would you use to describe password sharing? Do you view it as an altruistic act, an act of generosity and trust which creates a relationship, or as a utilitarian way of maximizing one’s resources?

  2. Have you ever given or received a password? Were you cognizant of any risks associated with this action?

  3. How do arguments about password sharing relate to the arguments about intellectual property covered in Chapter Six?

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