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Activity One

Watch the movie, “The Social Network” (2010, Sony Pictures), in your classroom.

What intellectual property issues do you identify?

Think about Locke’s theory of property. Would Locke agree that Zuckerberg owned the idea for Facebook? What about the Winklevoss twins? Did Zuckerberg steal his idea from the twins?

What do you think?

Activity Two

Have students watch this Ted Talk,

The 8 billion dollar iPod" by Rob Reid.


What is meant by Copyright Math? Did you find this talk persuasive? Why or why not?

Activity Three

Have a Discussion about the Ethics of Trolling. Read these two articles prior to your discussion.

Activity Four

Invite students to share in class or online a mashup or remix they have made. Ask them to apply terms used in this chapter to describe:

  • What they have made

  • Where they sourced their components from and why they chose them

  • What their goal was in making the work

  • Do they consider their work to be plagiarism?An homage?A commentary?

  • Do they believe that they have broken any laws?

Discussion Questions for Chapter Six

Critical Issues: Do you Own your Genetic Data?

March 30, 2017

  1. Have you heard of Henrietta Lacks? Read this brief biography of Henrietta Lacks.  She was an African-American woman whose biological cells are now used throughout the world to create the HeLa line of cells, which many biological research projects depend on in research and development. Her family is seeking compensation for these cells, which they state were taken without her permission and knowledge. They have also stated that they feel the medical community took advantage of them because they were poor and uneducated. Do you feel that Henrietta Lack’s family was exploited?  Should they be compensated?

  2. Why is it so difficult for the international community to regulate and create laws on the ownership of genetic material? In what ways do factors like culture and religion affect how individuals and groups think about these issues?

  3. Would you be willing to donate your genetic material to a research project like the deCODE Project going on in Iceland? Why or why not?

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